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My first inclination: I wanted to be a singer.  

I was 5 years old and I was at my aunt Alice's house in Baldwin, Long Island, New York.  We always went there when my Mother had enough of my Fathers inability to care for us,  Aunt Alice was my mothers sister.  My grandfather Joe, lived with my aunt.  She took care of him.   Well I was in my room and I was singing "Roll out the Barrel".  when all of a sudden my grandfather came out Of his room and yelled "That Girl Is going to be a singer some day".  that was my first vision I had that I could some day be a singer. Why not?   After that when ever I got the chance to sit and listen to a record I would study the melody and words and sing along with it.  Over and over again.  

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 Teri creates music from her heart and soul.  An entrepreneurial singer -songwriter, one women digital band. She was born and raised in Brooklyn New York, and  now lives in  Seattle Washington.  

She has overcome many obstacles in her life; Domestic violence, Illiteracy, addiction, and cancer from sheer determination and hard work.  Yet her compassion has never been Broken.  Music saved Teri from a path of destruction and she wants others to know that they have the  power to overcome their issues as well. 

Her songwriting and arranging abilities are amazing. She entertains us with a wide vocal range.    People say her music is hypnotic & beautiful.   She plays guitar, drums, keyboards and harmonic in her humble home studio. 



me at 23 years old

with "Sweet Chops and Hot Sauce"

I was Hot Sauce cause I put the flavor on the chops!

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